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Addressed to private persons, associations, cultural programmers and administrations.

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  • Cultural Services & Socio-Cultural Animation

Law Firm

We professionally defend interests in judicial and extrajudicial areas, bringing our experience of over 20 years service.

We specialize in areas such as: Divorce Express and contentious, Inheritance, Division of condominiums, Complaint debts, leases, and Criminal Liability, Criminal Responsibility of Minors, traffic offenses, criminal procedures in general, Complaints Management, Proceedings of Aliens , etc.

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Who We Are

CULTURA Y DERECHO, has a dual structure: On the one hand, a multidisciplinary law firm (Specialized in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Right) which serves online consultation and legal aid staff and processing of judicial and extrajudicial matters.

In addition, a section on Cultural Management and Socio-cultural Animation, in which there is a professional response to the needs of broadcast and programming artists and animators. Supported by the law firm, it provides comprehensive legal advice to them.

This service is available to both public/private organizations, administrations, and individuals who wish to hire these artists.

We pay special attention to the needs of associations, offering services ranging from legal coverage needs to design, project management and cultural programming.

Cultural Services – Animation

We offer:
  • Day management of all activities related to culture.
  • Integral representation of artists, animators and companies.
  • Intermediation in cultural programs in the public and private sectors.
  • Programming shows for public and private institutions, festivals, events, etc.
  • Design of logos, stationery, business cards, posters, CD covers.

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Download the catalog of shows for the period 2013-2014.

Concerts, lectures, artists and projects. Click on the image.

Services to Associations

In CULTURA Y DERECHO we pay special attention to the area of community associations.

It is increasingly necessary that these entities have management and professional legal advice.

Except for the lack of profit associations, rights and obligations, and responsibilities of its members and board of directors, are the same as those of a private company.

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Where We Are

AddressC/ Vitoria 17, 8º, oficina 807
09004, Burgos

Telephone: (+34) 947 260 166
Fax: (+34) 947 948 063