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This is a sample of the concerts for the period 2013-2014. If you require any proposal that is not on this page, let us know your needs and ideas, and we will offer you the most suitable proposal for your project.

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Early Music Concert

collage AX1 ok

    1. Gregorian chant, a functional music (10th-14th centuries).
    1. Music in the Kingdom of Navarre (10th-13th centuries).
    2. Medieval music Burgos (11th-14th centuries).
    3. Codex Calixtinus – several programs- (12th century).
    4. Hispanic Medieval Latin Poetry (12th-14th centuries).
    5. Hispanic Medieval Romance Poetry (13th century).
    6. Troubadour Kings (13th century).
    7. Madrid Codex –several programs- (13th century).
    8. Codex Las Huelgas -several programs- (14th century).
    9. Harps and voices at Christmas (12th-17th centuries).
    10. Latest music for the Spanish nobility (12th-16th ).
    11. Antonio de Cabezon: Mass of the Saint Spirit / Mass Sancta Maria in Sabbato (16th century).
    12. Castilian Music for a Renaissance woman (16th-17th centuries).
    13. The music El Greco herd in Toledo (16th century).
    14. Antonio Martin Coll: Mass of San Diego de Alcala (18th century).
    15. Spanish Polyphony for “Motu proprio” (19th-20th centuries)
    16. Genealogy of Spanish sacred polyphony (19th-20th centuries).

Early Music Conferences

  • Luis Lozano

    • “Polyphony, Gregorian chant motif”.
    • “Poetry and Music in the Middle Ages.”
    • “Poetry and Music in the Renaissance.”

Piano Concerts

Andres Alen JPG

  • Andres Alen

    • SEVERAL PROGRAMS: Saumell, Alen, Granados, Liszt, Chopin, Mozart, Cervantes, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff.
    • Didactic Concert “Cuban composers of the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries”.

Organ / harpsichord concerts

cea 2

  • Andres Cea

    • SEVERAL PROGRAMS: Ximenez Trabaci, Cabezon, Rodrigues, Arauxo strap, Cornet, Frescobaldi, Bruna, Scherer, Pachelbel, Bach, Bull, Couperin, Titelouze, van der Kerkhoven, Cabanilles, Buxtehude, Byrd, Muffat, Rossi, Gibbons, Sweelinck .

Music of Camera

dúo Gaia B-N low

sors 16kb

  • SORS duet of Flute and Piano

    • Yailín Martínez Hierrezuelo /Jeferson Mello
    • PROGRAM 19th-20th century: Schubert, Reichert, Taffanel, Gaubert, F.Martín

Jazz concerts

Conexo Trio 26kb

Didactic concerts

  • “Gregorian chant, a functional music (10th-14th centuries)” / by: Alfonso X El Sabio (vocal music).
  • “Cuban composers of the 19th, 20th, 21th centuries” / by: Andres Alen (piano).

Vocal Concert


Animus Vocal 330k

  • PROGRAM “Indianas” (16th-20th centuries):  Andreo, Byrd, Poulenc, Molfino, Alen, of Christ, Abreu, Moruja, Guastavino, Climbing, Carrillo, James.

nataly ok

  • Nataly Tamargo

    • PROGRAM-  TRADITIONAL FADOS FROM LISBOA : Rodrigues, Gonçalvez, Brito, Camões, Santos, Laranjeira, Mourão, de Sousa, de Macedo, Homem

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