Offers: Entertainment and Leisure

Under the label Rakatrá, CULTURA Y DERECHO offers a series of workshops, concerts and teaching resources adaptable to various thematic areas of work in non-formal education, libraries, museums, etc.

This group of activities, adressed to all ages, gathers the work of professionals of animation, music and pedagogy, to promote social areas as: the interest in reading, heritage appreciation, enjoyment of music, personal and creative development, communication and coexistence.

Animation workshops

  • Coexistence:
    • Environmental education workshop.
    • Workshop on health education.
    • Workshop on education for peace.
    • Equal Opportunity Workshop.
  • Creativity / Entertainment:
    • Workshop to encourage reading.
    • Laughter Therapy with learning.
    • Creating stories (fantastic).
    • Storytelling with representation of stories.
    • Improvisation workshop.
    • Clown (Pancha).
  • Matching Activities:
    • Relaxation.
    • Visionaje documentaries (nature, community development, environment).
    • Dynamics (presentation, knowledge, distend, etc).
    • Cooperative games.
    • Crafts with varied materials.

Courses / Concerts

  • Course: “The world of museums.”
  • Interactive Concert: for children and families. Includes rhythmic training and storytelling.

All Activities in this section available only in Spanish